Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 -- battery is not charging

Problem description

Battery was empty and tablet wasn't plug into charger for a long time. When charger was plug in, device "thinks", then show one bar in battery status and restart.

Tablet won't charge even if it was left on charger for few days.

Internet solutions

I have try few internet solutions:

  1. Holding power button and volume button/s.
  2. Changing charger and try to charge from laptop.

I have not try disconnecting battery from device like here.

My solution


Because this solution is about working with lithium battery it's extremely dangerous. You can see some here.

Do not try this at your own! You can seriously injure yourself or other people. Or you can cause death.


  1. I use this video to open tablet. Only I used knife and I scratch the surface...
  2. I disconnected battery from the device.
  3. I measured the voltage. It was 3,45V.

Probably there is safety that prevents to charge damaged battery (too low voltage, should be 3,7V). At this point the best would be to change for new battery.


  1. I charged battery to 3,6V.
    1. I was using 4,5V charger.
    2. I was putting the voltage for 10-20 seconds, and then taking a 5-10 second break.
    3. All the time I was holding battery to check temperature of battery. Because when battery is getting hot it blows up! My battery didn't get hot.
    4. All the time I was measuring current it was 1A.
  2. After that I put battery back and plug in charger.
  3. Tablet works fine.

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