This tool converts charset from CP1250 (standard in Windows) to ISO 8859-2 (East Europe) and back (Added UTF-8). In addition this program can change end line chart(s) from char 10 (Lf - using in e.g. Linux)  to 10 + 13 (CrLf - using in e.g. Windows). This program maybe useful for web masters who write in different operating systems.

Timer - Clock

System timer but it shows numbers in binary(2) and triple(3)? system. It's for those who likes watch sth. which always change :).


Program for chemists who start whit chemistry. It count percent concentration using data whits you fill in. Program automaticly change units (e.g. kg -> g) using in chemistry. It can also count moll mass. This program is translated into English.

Moduł sztywności?

I don't know how to translate.


It copy files from one folder to another (e.g. from digital camera). Program automaticly add date to name of folder, this makes easer to search images.


Program is based on system program "net send". You can send messages to the local net. You can modify a address list and ping chosen computer. You can also change appearers (colors) and program position, this program can by in Try Bar. What is more program is small, simple to use and functionally.


Simple program for lazy man who don't want to count point when they play darts. This program subtract point from 501 to 0.


Screen saver witch search for DOSKONALE number and primary number and BLIZNIACZE number. Application doesn't use lot of system resources because of used function (Sleep).

Net designer

Application I use to create computer net. You can add and connect different components with 4 cable. You can print it.

Name generator

Program change number into char (string). It's helpful in e.g. changing phone number to name (323 => DAD). It generate all possible name - strings.


This is one program witch I wrote for Polish Informatics Olympic IX Olimpiade Informaczyną 2001/2002.


Application creates CD menu.With wizard you can easily create menu for your own disk. Program can generate menu in html.


Simple organizer, it use MsgBoxes and TextBoxes.


Net counter - it count how long you are on the Internet. It saves to log file when you enter to Internet and it add time. It converts time to units and cost.


Advanced system notepad.